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YAG Laser machine – YAG Laser source

It is widely used in laser inner engraving machines, laser welding machines(jewelry laser welding machine and mold repair laser welding machine), laser cutting machines ,and laser beauty machines. The pulsed xenon lamp chooses a high-quality UV-filtered quartz tube as the lamp tube material and uses high-density electrodes as the electrodes of the xenon lamp. It has the characteristics of strong load capacity, high pumping efficiency, good laser beam quality, and long life.

The internal structure distribution of the common YAG laser source in the laser welding machine
The internal structure distribution of the common YAG laser source in the laser welding machine

The full name of YAG is: Neodymium-dopedYttriumAluminiumGarnet

Characteristics of Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Crystals Yttrium aluminum garnet, alumina synthetic spar used to generate laser beams. YAG is the most widely used. The laser oscillation wavelength is 1.06um, the oscillation threshold is low, the conversion efficiency is high, and the physical and chemical properties are stable. It can stimulate both pulse output and continuous output. YAG is an important working material for small and medium-sized solid-state lasers.

The composition of the yag laser source


Safety shutter polarizer asssembly


beam tube

output laser beam

yag rod

flash lamps on xenon lamp.(which can be discharged by applying dcvoltage)

Yttrium aluminum garnet crystal, laser source of yag laser welding machine
xenon lamp

Application of YAG laser source(YAG laser system)

Nd: YAG laser systems are suitable for a wide range of precision spot & seal welding and cutting applications in the electronics, medical, automotive, and fine mechanics markets. Typical applications include:

· Welding of stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other metals

· Welding of electron guns, titanium capacitors

· Spot welding of optical fiber coupler parts

· Welding of containers

· Seal welding of lithium batteries

Features of YAG laser source

· low heat input

· reduced distortion

· no mechanical forces

· no tool wear and hence

· consistent weld penetration

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