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The OPTIC LASER handheld laser welding machine for stainless steel uses the third-generation single-mode continuous wave fiber laser developed by Raycus. The power range is 300W to 2,000W. These new lasers have higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, higher and more stable optical quality, and stronger resistance to high reflectivity

After reading this article, you will learn:

1、Heat dissipation system of handheld laser welding machine

2、Welding efficiency of hand held laser welder

3、Difference between hand held welding machine and Lightweld hand held laser welding machine

4、Composition of handheld welding machine and Lightweld handheld welding machine

5、Size of hand held welding machine and Lightweld hand held welding machine

6、Working hours of hand held welding machine and Lightweld hand held welding machine

7、Comparison between traditional welding machine and handheld welding machine (TIG, MIG)

As you can see from this article, handheld laser welder 1500 has been loved by all welders since it was introduced. Lighweld 1500 is also one of the optical fiber laser welders. It is a new product launched by IPG company last year (2020). Lighweld breaks away from traditional laser welders and makes the body reach an astounding 53kg. This is an unprecedented miracle in the laser welding industry, but it will be a test of the market.

Welding efficiency!

Its customer feedback!

Lightweld long-term work problems.

Can it be as described on the website!

How long has it been continuously tested!

And most importantly, how long will this machine last without quality problems?

Finally, I think it is a point that all welders must take into account. I believe you have also learned that the manufacturer of hand-held laser welder basically guarantees a 2-year warranty. During this 2-year warranty period, one of our customers has used our hand-held laser welder for almost 5 years as long as there are no human factors causing any quality problems. Only the fittings (copper nozzles for welding) were replaced during this period, which was not indicated by lightweld 1500 or the specific warranty time.

As the name suggests, the only thing lightweld 1500 can compare to a hand-held laser welder is its body size. Because it can do the same thing with a hand-held laser welder.

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how much is a laser welder ?

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Handheld Laser Welder IPG LightWELD 1500 Specifications:

Do we buy laser welding machines only to work occasionally? Certainly not. For welders, I hope my welding machine can work with me for a long time. IPG has announced the parameters of LightWELD 1500, but it still hasn’t announced the use time. Of course, this time, the cooling system is updated: air cooledWhat is an overview of air cooled? Using wind to cool the laser, I can’t imagine what the wind is!In the long run, the handheld laser welder is recommended. After all, cooling is not necessarily able to work for a long time, but water cooling is different.
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Handheld Laser Welding Machine Specifications:

Handheld laser welderDepth of penetrationDepth of fusionsample
fw1000Stainless steel: 3mm4mm10mm carbon steel laser welding
Galvanized sheet:2mm3mm
Mild steel : 3mm4mm
Aluminum: 1mm2mm
fw1500Stainless steel: 4mm5mm
Galvanized sheet: 3mm4mm
Mild steel: 4mm5mm10mm carbon steel laser welding
Aluminum: 2mm3mm
fw2000Stainless steel : 5mm6mm
Galvanized sheet: 4mm5mm
Mild steel: 5mm6mm
Aluminum: 3mm4mm

Machine composition:


Optic handheld laser welding machine: it is composed of laser source (IPG / raycus), handheld swing head, water cooler, control panel, console, wire feeder (provided on demand) and protection device, chassis, etc.

Lightweld 1500:  at present, IPG official website may be applying for a patent, so there is no ingredient information.

Body size:


Lightweld 1500:  internal component temporarily unknown. Lightweld brings all the components together in a box the size of a handheld welding laser. (I believe that if it wasn’t for the IPG logo and the unique handheld head of the laser welding machine, you wouldn’t think it was a laser welding machine.)

Just imagine if a part dies in the middle of the way, it must be difficult to replace it.

Compared with the optical laser hand-held laser welding machine, because its composition and structure are separated, after market research, the service life of the optical laser hand-held laser welding machine is still extended, and the service life of the optical laser hand-held laser welding machine is basically related to the laser, and an average laser can work 100000 hours, about 12 years.

Lightweld was just released last year, and its internal structure has not yet been announced, so there will be no judgment here

If you need to buy hand-held laser welding machine, we suggest you choose OPTIC LASER hand held fiber laser welding machine, we will give you a most satisfactory price.

The size of Lightweld 1500 machine determines that it can only weld in a short time, and can only weld thin spot plates. Compared with the optical handheld laser welding machine, in addition to its lighter weight, it is recommended to choose opticlass handheld laser welding machine to achieve long-term welding work, whether it is for later maintenance or parts replacement, optic laser Hand held laser welding machine is your wise choice.

Hand held laser welding machine:compared with lightweld, hand-held welding is mainly reflected in the weight, but when the product is positioned in the accurate crowd, the value of hand-held welding will be highlighted.

Lightweld 1500 is only suitable for welding sheet materials, and it is uncertain whether it can work for a long time. (the official website does not indicate how long the lightweld 1500 will work.)

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Cooling system:


Hand held laser welding machine: each laser welder is equipped with an independent water cooling system to ensure that the laser works in the whole welding process.

Lightweld 1500: I haven’t found the cooling system yet (probably at the bottom), which reminds me of the difference between laptops and desktops.

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